Hi^^ How's it going?

I had spent lot's of time on renovating my blog.

I know that's very stupid.lol(laugh out loud=hahahahah)

Why in English?

That's cuz I am in the Melbourne library using English PC to do some "HTML stuff".>_<

Anyway, I will try not to use difficult words.

Well, why I suddenly started writing a blog is cuz many uni students r(are) studying SO hard. hmmm,Had I studied a lot in my uni???? No.I was so-called normal student. For sure I studied so hard to get into my UNI but that's all.That's ALL.

"Many students abroad study very very hard after they enter Universities."

"Japanese students study very very hard before they enter Universities."

You know what I mean?

I feel jealous n(and) regret.

What had I done on my Uni life????

I should of(have) studied more.

I should NOT have just hung out with my friends.

I should NOT have just had booze.

I might need to enter UNI again to make myself better.

Well, that'd be a graduate school.I wanna study.Then I wanna make myself sophisticated a little bit more.

I love to see someone studying.

n now I love studying as well .

But I'd realized it a little bit late;on my junior(3rd grade).

Nothing will be too late.

I could do it.

PS,I highlighted some words that r important when we text(send emails or messages.)We r so lazy that we dont write words properly.lol

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